Who Are We?

Arcotech is an Israeli company that specializes in the development, production, marketing, and installation of NBC ventilation and filtration systems for safe-rooms, bomb shelters & bunkers.
Our unique combination of know-how, experience, and innovation, have made us a leading player in the field of NBC protection in Israel:

  • Expertise – Our reputation is due to our on innovation, multi-discipline professional expertise, and high caliber of Israeli and international experts. We have strategically partnered with leading manufacturers in Israel and abroad, in the field of construction, protection, and ventilation.
  • Professionalism − The development, production, logistics, and service setups that we run, form a complete fabric of unique capabilities, allowing us to provide to our customers with a level of performance and technological quality that has yet to be seen in the field of NBC protection.
  • Know-how and experience − ArcoTech was set up and is being managed by senior engineers and professionals who are leaders in their field. They are familiar with the marketplace and the players acting in it. They are supported by employees with years of experience in the field of engineering, development, production, marketing, sales, purchasing, installation, and service.

The result − Tens of thousands of customers are already protected ArcoTech NBC filtration systems installed in their homes.

  • Research and development − ArcoTech’s massive investment in research and development is due to our full commitment to supply our customers with an optimal solution for the challenges of protection from conventional and unconventional threats, in accordance with the requirements of the Israeli Standards Institution and the regulations of the Home Front Command.
  • Technological innovation − The solutions that we develop, reflect extensive thought about the human, professional, and operational aspects. They are made from quality materials, using advanced production methods, in a factory with extensive intensive know-how and experience in the field of protection and filtration.

Development and production

ArcoTech’s CBRN ventilation and filtration systems are developed and manufactured in accordance with all the strictest standards of the Israeli Standards Institution and international standards organizations, using an advanced setup that integrates:

  • A development setup that includes development teams, quality control teams, and Israeli and international engineers, and also includes development laboratories and sophisticated instrumentation, computer systems, and the most advanced 3D simulation systems of their kind.
  • A production setup that includes all the equipment required for large-scale production of NBC ventilation and filtration systems, using advanced production methods and quality inspection and control processes. Our production factory works closely with the company’s quality management setup, and reflects rich technological know-how and cumulative experience gained from many years of production of NBC protection solutions for advanced military systems, in accordance with the requirements of the Israeli Standards Institution.

Logistics, installation, and service

ArcoTech’s distribution, installation, and service organization includes distribution, installation, and service teams that are trained to provide a professional and quality response anywhere in the country. ArcoTech has been awarded Israeli standard mark 4570 Part 4 for installers of NBC filtration protection systems, and employs dedicated installation teams
We employ two dedicated logistics systems for our customers:

  • Contractors and architects – We have a dedicated logistics and service setup for construction companies, contractors and architects which includes experts who provide consulting and technical support services. We also have a number of highly-trained installation teams who can respond quickly and install hundreds of systems simultaneously, with immediate availability.
  • Private builders – We have experienced experts for the private market, give advice who can advise private builders, to help them match the right system for the shelter or safe-room in their home or building. After an order is placed , the system is sent to the customer’s home, anywhere in the country. We will set a date for our installation team to install the system quickly (scheduling usually to within half an hour), and leaving no mess.

Marketing and sales

In the field of marketing and sales, ArcoTech has established a new standards of quality, and efficiency. We operate separate marketing and sales setups for construction companies, contractors and architects, and for private builders. Whether businesses or private customers, our customers enjoy complete personal service, consultation, aid, and direction from our marketing and sales teams, at all stages, starting from the decision to purchase ArcoTech’s CBRN ventilation and filtration systems, through the purchasing and supply of the systems, and continuing until installation, instruction, and technical support.

Arcotech! Because Life Isn’t a Compromise.