NBC Filtration System for safe-rooms

The most compact NBC filtration system in the world

Magen 360 was developed based on proven experience and extensive know-how in the world of NBC protection, and from extensive thought about the human, professional, security, and operational needs of our customers in the business and private sectors.

The compact dimensions of this system the world allow flexible installation at any angle and orientation, with optimal use of the room space, for routine conditions and for emergencies.

The system offers a wide range of advantages:

360° of complete protection during an NBC attack

  • Comprehensive protection for 6 people in the apartment protected space.
  • Be safe and fully mobile in the apartment protected space, with clean oxygen and without any personal-protection articles.
  • A special regulator to ensure positive air pressure and the one-way flow of air outwards from the apartment protected space.
  • Integrated blast valves for protection against external blast.

Unique Israeli development

  • Development by Israeli and international engineers and experts.
  • Unique for coping with conventional, atomic, biological, and chemical threats in Israel.
  • Produced in a factory experienced in the supply of NBC protection solutions for advanced military systems.

Maximum flexibility in installation

  • Selection of installation options for optimal use of the apartment protected space.
  • Installation directly on the flange, or up to 1.80 m from the flange horizontally or vertically, above the window, or in the right or left corner of the apartment protected space.
  • It can even be installed inside a clothes closet.

Small during routine conditions and large in an emergency

  • Unique compact package for an air filtration system. It is the smallest of its kind in the world.
  • Space saving.
  • Decorative design resembling a wall-mounted air conditioner.

Compliance with all the Israeli and international standards

  • Regulation 6869 of the Home Front Command.
  • Quality assurance standard 2110-1, ISO 9001, of TUV.
  • Leading international standards for system components: FC, VDE, CSA, EMI/EMS, CB, CE.

All under one roof

As a company with vast experience and extensive knowledge in the field of protection, ArcoTech combines all the essential professional capabilities for this field, and offers its customers a complete solution under one roof:

  • Israeli development at an international standard.
  • Production using advanced quality control methods and processes in a factory that supplies protection solutions for military systems throughout the world.
  • Marketing by means of a dedicated logistics setup for both business and private customers.
  • Consulting, support, and service by professionals, expert in their fields, who are prepared to handle any call, with national deployment.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years as set out in the letter of warranty.

 ArcoTech! Because life isn’t a compromise.