CBRN Ventilation Systems – Bomb Shelters & Bunkers

High wall CBRN ventilation & filtration systems for bomb shelters & bunkers

High wall CBRN ventilation & filtration systems for bomb shelters & bunkers The units are suspended from the wall near
the ceiling to permit near total use of the floor space in the protected area.

An high wall/ceiling installation that leaves the floor free has a wide variety of advantages:

  • The floor of the shelter remains available for everyday use
  • Installation is done to maximize compatibility to the shelter, and to the position of the flanges.
  • There is no need for extension pipes.

Compliance with the Israeli and international standards

  • Regulation 6869 of the Home Front Command.
  • Israeli standard mark 5001 of the Israeli Standards Institution for the factory for quality of production.
  • Quality assurance standard 2110-1, ISO 9001, of TUV.
  • Leading international standards for system components: FC, VDE, CSA, EMI/EMS, CB, CE.

Unique Israeli development

  • Development by Israeli and international engineers and experts.
  • Dedicated for coping with conventional threats and CBRN (Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) threats .
  • Production in a factory experienced in the supply of CBRN protection solutions for advanced military systems.

All under one roof

As a company with vast experience and extensive knowledge in the field of protection, ArcoTech combines all the essential professional capabilities for this field, and offers its customers a complete solution under one roof:

  • Israeli development at an international standard.
  • Production using advanced quality control methods and processes in a factory that supplies protection solutions for military systems throughout the world.
  • Marketing by means of a dedicated logistics setup for both business and private customers.
  • Consulting, support, and service by professionals, expert in their fields, who are prepared to handle any call, with national deployment.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years as set out in the letter of warranty.

ArcoTech! Because life isn’t a compromise.